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Animal Trapping & Removal in West Palm Beach, Florida

Rescue your home from pests with expert animal trapping and removal from our Wildlife Control Team here in West Palm Beach, Florida. We do it all, including raccoon, bat, and Africanized bee removal. Our team also takes care of the cleanup, too.

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Remove the Raccoons

Although they look cute, they become a nuisance when they find cat food, dog kibble, or unsecured garbage cans outside. Here are other reasons why we strongly recommend raccoon control:
• They demonstrate aggressive behavioral tendencies, especially when they get used to humans.
• They cause extensive home damage ($25–50 million dollars in US per year), including tearing through shingled roofs to set up a den in an attic.
• They spread parasitic worms through their droppings.
• They spread Leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that can cause renal failure and meningitis, through their urine.

wildlife removal

Animals We Remove

We specialize in wildlife removal and general insect pest control throughout the state of Florida. Here is a list of the various animal pests we trap and remove from your home, usually within 48 hours:
• Raccoons
• Roof Rats
• Africanized Killer Bees
• Bats
• Squirrels
• Opossums
• Pigeons & Other Birds
• Snakes
• Honey Bees
• Using Unarmed Methods
Rather than killing, our animal control experts remove the pests and release them in a location so they can’t return. For instance, when we remove bats, which are a natural way of controlling the insect population, we seal their old location so you have peace of mind that they won’t return. We are the top name now in bat removal!

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Repairing the Damage

We know pests cause a lot of damage. Once they are gone, our staff provides the following repair and cleanup services to get your home back to normal: • Repairing Structural Damage (Home, Attic, Roof, Eves, & Sockets) • Replacing Damaged Insulation • Removing All Animal Droppings • Vacuuming Infested Area • Sterilizing & Deodorizing Infested Areas We even work with your insurance company directly negotiate repair costs on your behalf. In addition, we also provide a 5-year guarantee that covers you if the pesky animals come back.

For efficient non-lethal pest removal, contact us in West Palm Beach FL.